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Calliope Strange

Calliope Strange is the pen name of C.E. Grave, folklore scholar and director of the Frisland Archaeology Project (and also a pseudonym). As Calliope Strange, she writes serial adventure fiction about the characters and history of the lost island nation of Frisland, which vanished from the North Atlantic sometime in the very early 20th century. As C.E. Grave she collects and documents the artifacts of Frisland and records the family trees of living descendants of the families of Frisland (she is one herself).

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Aeryn Daring and the Scientific Detective

A serial adventure novel set in an unlikely late 19th / early 20th century. Join experimental test pilot Lady Aeryn Foxxe-Grace Tallhat, aka Aeryn Daring, on her high-flying adventures across Frisland and beyond. Witness daring feats of aerial acrobatics and thrill to adventures of scientific romance in a past not exactly ours.
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