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Niko Silvester

Niko loves books. She loves to read them, to write them, to have them and to make them for other people. Much of her non-writing art ends up in book form, though some of it is in allied media like letterpress printing, relief printmaking, lithography, intaglio printmaking and photography. She also writes and draws comics. Niko's dayjob is freelance non-fiction writing, mostly about popular culture (especially young adult books).

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Niko's Books

The Coming of the Fairies

Morgan Reilly is a city girl, out of place in St John's, Newfoundland. But Newfoundland has always been full of fairies, and Morgan can't wait to learn more. Unfortunately, fairies are not necessarily the pretty creatures she expects to find. This is a short YA/middle grade urban fantasy historical novel, set during the early 1940s.
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Milk Sister

Maddy has always been told that her mother dies when she was born, but when she goes to Scotland to meet her mother's family, she discovers that's not exactly true. There's something about the local fairy hill, and a dark-haired boy who calls her "milk sister" that she's determined to find out. This novel is middle grade/YA, but will appear to all ages
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A Madness of Kentaurs

Octavian has always wanted to see a kentuar, but he never imagined his destiny was linked with that of kentaur shaman-in-training Ixion. This is a short YA fantasy novel that will appeal to all ages.
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Niko's Short Story Collections

Frisland Stories: Eleven Tales of Folk Magic

This volume collects all eleven stories set on the island-continent of Frisland in one place. Reading them in chronological order begins to reveal a large story--the tale of the island itself. Though written for grownups, these stories are accessible to readers of all ages.
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Three Variations on "Sleeping Beauty"

This mini-collection of three stories retells the fairytale of "Sleeping Beauty" in very different ways.
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Niko's Urban Fantasy Short Stories


Newfoundland is thick with fairies, if the old stories are to be believed. So what happens when a graduate student from away follows an old folklore text to a peculiar rock formation known as Puck's Chair? Will she return a poet or a madwoman?
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Burnt Offerings

Frank Swann is a celebrated poet who only ever writes a single copy of each poem. He holds his audience enthralled as he reads it to them, and then he burns the original, destroying the poem forever. What compels him to destroy his work, and what would happen if he stopped?
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Niko's Frisland Short Stories

All of these stories are contained in the collection Frisland Stories

Hollow Bones

Brenna was named for a shape-shifting bird goddess, so when her beloved expresses a longing to fly, turning her herbwoman skills to creating a pair of magic wings doesn't seem like such a stretch. But she never thought that setting Lir free would break her heart.
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Two Tales of Frisland

Once, Lir Skavinson could fly, and it lost him his beloved. Now he's just a simple fisherman again, but he remembers having wings. And Maveen is a "perilous child," destined to become a shaman. But she can't hear the spirits. Two Tales of Frisland includes two short stories: "Remembering to Fly" and "Perilous Child."
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Treasures often wash up on the beach after a big storm, but Torin and Andry Danickson weren't expecting a perfectly-tanned sealskin caught on a piece of driftwood, and they certainly weren't expecting the naked girl who appeared, asking for the skin back.
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Sharper and More Fragrant

Two young women from a fishing village follow a story about a man who could turn into a reindeer out onto the barrens. What they find will change the life of one of them forever.
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Cobbleshore Knit

When a fisherman dies at sea and washes up later, it's often only the pattern of the knit of his sweater that tells people which village to send the body to. But the people of Cobbleshore also believe that their knit contains magic--magic to save a person's soul from the dreaded Sea King. When Torin is swept overboard by a wave, he wishes he hadn't left his sweater behind.
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Daughters of the Sea King

In Frisland, they say that the souls of drowned men may be trapped in the Sea King's realm, and the Sea King's daughters prowl the waves like sharks. But there is one way to escape the watery depths, for the soul if not for the body.
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Fox Point Dragon

There is a dragon in the woods near the village of Ravenswing. She is sleek and green and fire-breathing, and she's already eaten one of the village's geese. But Skavi and his little sister Triss know the dragon has an egg, and they don't want to see her die. So they come up with a plan to save the dragon and her egg--but will they get to them before the hunters do?
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Raven's Wing

After three years of brooding, Lir has finally decided to leave familiar waters and head overland to the village of Ravenswing to beg forgiveness from the love of his life. Along the way he meets a traveling storyteller who just happens to be going the same way--to confess his love to the same woman.
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White Foxes, Full Moon

Maring, Del and Seri leave their village one night to watch nine white foxes play on the barrens. But these foxes are Folk, and Folk don't like being spied on.
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Great Skerry

Lir Skavinson has finally come home. He finds the place and the people not so different from when he left, but now there's a hermit on the tiny island of Great Skerry--a young man with more in common with Lir than he would have thought possible.
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