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Nic Silver

Nic Silver lives like a hermit on the edge of the woods, but haunts used bookstores like a wraith. He fully expected to be found someday as a mummified, beardy old corpse crushed under a toppled to-be-read pile, but the rise of e-books has made that somewhat less likely, though the books will always outnumber even the dustbunnies. Nic will read just about anything, including the instructions on the back of medicine bottles, but has a particular fondness for good stories with a hint of magic. He writes dark, sexy urban fantasy, and sometimes dreams in black and white.

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Nic's Others Series


Su Fuchs can't remember her life past one year ago, but she knows she's not quite human. When she meets a confused newborn vampire in a bar, she realizes she'd better figure out her past fast, if she wants to live. This is the first book in the Others, a series of urban fantasy novels aimed at an adult audience.
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Book two in the Others series is now available. Watch for more information soon!

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