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Niko Silvester

Niko writes novels and short stories, many of which are set in the imagined, but based on real-world places, island-continent of Frisland. All of her stories have a strong folklore element and are appropriate for all ages. Find out more about Niko on her author page.

Calliope Strange

Calliope is not-so-secretly a pen name of a pseudonym. She writes steampunk adventure fiction, some of it set in Frisland. Find out more about Calliope on her author page.

Nic Silver

Nic keeps trying to write short stories, but so far they've all turned into novels. He writes dark, sexy urban fantasy for an adult audience. Find out more about Nic on his author page.


nico is not one person, but three. Niko, Calliope, and Nic all use the pen name for creating comics, both together and separately. Apparently, it makes perfect sense to them. Find out more about nico on his/her/their about me page on the Fey website.

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